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The day of my return I will be announcing my overdue “Big Announcement” I was not able to announce with my brother passing 1.16.14 and everything that was going on. It was all apart of Gods plan. My Little Project has turned into a Big Project. Im very excited to share with all of you on my return. I pray God gives me patience, love & support . IN THE MEAN TIME SHARE MY PAGE KEEP IT ALIVE UNTIL IM BACK GOAL IS 10k Followers LEAVING MY TRUST IN God & MY FOLLOWERS TO GET ME THERE ! Love you guys …Be back in 40 days !!

Rest in Peace Brother 1.16.14

Happy Skin, Hair & Health Talk Tuesday.

Good morning Naturally Beautiful Kings & Queens!

Lets get Skin to Skin!

I’ve been taking great care of my skin. Yay!!! However, I am still not 100% happy about my products, routine and results. Blahh! I am obsessed with Yes to and clear & clear. It will be very hard but I am strongly thinking about leaving clear & clear on the shelves. oh No!! I really want to GO OH NATURA-L with “Yes to” ! I already use the Yes yo Grapefruit daily facial scrub. My Baby!!! I must say I am in Love with the fresh smell, the texture and the way it leaves my face feeling.

Should I leave Clean & Clear on the shelves? if I do decide to do so, Does anyone use a “Yes to” product that absorb oil? Treats acne? or a Good Toner? Is it really a difference in each product. For example, grapefruit vs. the cucumber? I really do not have acne. Just believe salicylic acid keeps my face pimple free. It will be most difficult to let go of my Clean & Clear essential deep cleaning toner. It is my everything to pimple free skin. Honestly, I will most likely not let my toner go unless convince other wise.

Hair Update!

I do not want to even talk about the struggle. I do not know whether it was the sew-ins or the stress from my brother’s passing (1.16.14). I have lost most of all my edges ( hair lining). My hair line is so broken off I actually cried about it. As far as the rest of my hair (twa)…the rest of my hair is doing great for the most part. I do have a small section of heat damage. The heat damage came from my leave out on one of my sew-in’s.

I know your thinking —-> why do you keep getting sew-ins? I truly do love weave as much as I love my natural hair. So, I am trying yet another sew-in. With this sew-in I left my thin edges out. I am going to be moisturizing & sealing (messaging in) Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my edges morning & night. I am going to continue to drink plenty of water (The Struggle…I love Juice) Take my Biotin & Multivitamins. ! 

side-note: April 1st  I will be starting my no heat challenge & also be trying Hairfinity for six months. Thanks to the glamtwins Kels & Ken !

Healthy Lifestyle!

Current Motivation::

1. Summer is coming.

2. Trip to LA in May (2 months away)!

I still eat unhealthy (addicted to junk food). I drink way more water than I did. I’ve been going to the gym for almost 2weeks straight. Its the longest I’ve every went without quitting. I am proud of myself. I am doing a no fast-food for the month of March challenge. I want a Big Booty & Abs. We in the gym lifting Bishes.



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Kelis and her son, Knight

Never seen him before

1st. lunch of the day 😊
Green layer: lots of spinach, 2 bananas, mango, pineapple, papaya. Yellow layer: banana, pineapple and an orange.
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