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Ten weeks ago I announce my Brand name ” Pure Visions ” Inc! Yes, Inc ! I truly believe Pure Visions Inc. is a growing brand and will be everything I ever dreamed of….and more. I don’t know who remembers but before my brother passed in January 2014 ….2013 I posted I had an big announcement and that I would be back on until I made my announcement …weeks past of working & preparing …and then my world stopped. I found myself posting…begging for prayers… for my family …my brother was shot multi times to dead and my world turned up side down…it crash and burned ! But GOD IS STILL GOOD ! Recently , I’ve been trying to get back on track and still work towards pure visions ! All support is so appreciated … And I didn’t tell my story for a pity party but it’s apart of my story … It goes to show …YOU NEVER KNOW WHICH WAY LIFE TAKES YOU BUT TAKE MY ADVICE WHICH EVER WAY …GOOD OR BAD BE SURE YOU TO TAKE CONTROL , BE POSITIVE & STAY PRAYED UP ! THANKS SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING @officiallypurevisions !! TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS !!! SHOUT US OUT ! TAG A FRIEND OR SOMEONE WHO INSPIRES YOU !!!
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in the chair nervous 🙈 I hope my ends aren’t to bad ! #GettingMyEndsCut



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I’m getting my ends cut today &+ length check. #TheExcitementIsReal 👌💕🙈


because this is as cute as it gets


Make Up by Nimai


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Bomber jackets & Distressed denim #weekendattire

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